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vintage-inspired open-air photo booth capturing timeless memories


To snap or not to snap, that is the question...
sleek and modern photo booth adding style to your event
Two-sided interactive photo booth with matching vintage printer table

Meet "Hamlet," our very own, luxury photo booth kiosk! It was designed just for us, matching our Hammie The Photo Booth retro vibes, but just a little more portable (wink, wink).

innovative technology meets classic charm in this photo booth
vintage-style photo booth with sharing touch screen on back
Sleek photo booth kiosk made of natural wood, dslr camera, ipad, touch screen and other high quality components.
Engaging open-air photo booth, perfect for any celebration

This luxurious photo booth kiosk has only the best: superior beauty lighting, DSLR camera, iPad touch screen, rear sharing screen and DNP digital printer.

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