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Hammie the Photo Booth a vintage trailer in Portland, Oregon


Hammie The Photo Booth is a woman owned business servicing events and weddings in Oregon and Washington. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and our attendants are nothing but fun and engaging with everyone.

We take pride in our retro trailer: inside and out. Hard work, detail, and careful thought & planning are put into each special occasion. We tailor our props to your specific theme or needs so that you and your guests will have an amazing, unforgettable experience.

Meet "Hammie"

THIS is Hammie The Photo Booth. Our Pacific Northwest's most adorible and unique experience on wheels! Look no further for your guest of honor....We specialize in weddings, corporate events, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and parties!

Hammie the Photo Booth in Portland, Oregon
Hammie the Photo Booth in Portland, Oregon is perfect for weddings

“Can I just say... we love you! You guys made our wedding

so amazing. You rock, can we be friends?”

~ Lauren & Dan

See what our clients have to say...

All the feels

Vintage trailer photo booth for weddings in the Pacific Northwest

Thank you HAMMIE for making our special day EXTRA special! This was the perfect touch to make our guests feel welcome in the PNW!

                       ~ Cathy & Chris

"Thank you for being our surprise at our wedding. It was so much fun for everyone and literally THE CUTEST! What an awesome memory for so many thanks to you and Hammie The Photo Booth!" 

                       ~ Emily & Ryan

Wedding photo booth, Hammie a vintage trailer in Oregon
Unique Portland photo booth

"Dear Hammie Crew - Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in to making our day special. Having Hammie at our wedding made it so fun, and the scrapbook and time-lapse (video) blew me away! All our guests had a blast in that beautiful canned ham. Thanks again for being that extra special touch that went beyond all expectations." 

~ Stevie & Dan

Something Blue

Look no further for your something BLUE! This little glamper booth is the bomb. Did you know that this vintage trailer photo booth COMFORTABLY fits 8 adults inside? Our brides and our grooms absolutely LOVE seeing if they can fit all their friends and bridal party in for a group shot (and some of the outcomes are pretty entertaining!).

I prefer this retro PDX carpet, over the current one at the airport, don't you__·_·_·_#pdx
Portland photo booth rental

Unique Experience

Based in Portland, Oregon, this "canned ham" shaped camper's color and decor was inspired by our beautiful Pacific Northwest... PDX carpet, retro raindrop patterned curtains, and adorable pennants with deer, roses, bicycles, clouds, and beer & wine printed on them... It's so fun to see faces light up when they notice all of the little nuances and details. Truly, Hammie is a unique experience and is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone.


This premier moble piece of art has ALL the bells and whistles and is brimming with outstanding features, including a 1960's vintage tv viewing monitor, a professional DSLR camera and a model ring flash so that your digital and printed images are nothing short of superb quality. Did you know this photo booth also has an incredible Bose sound system? Yes! We'll even play your favorite playlist, or custom build one for your special event at no extra charge. AND, for your late-night event, it even has multi-colored interior led lights that'll bring your party up a notch! Let's get this party started!

Photo viewing monitor inside the photo booth rental
Inside Hammie the Photo Booth in Portland, Oregon

Props & Safety

We carefully select, clean, and sterilize each and every prop before, during and after our events. To help keep our guests safe, we pick items that don't come in contact with noses and mouths and encourage hand sanitizing before entering the booth. Our staff is fully vaccinated and boosted and follow the state and CDC guidelines.

PNW Photo Booth rental perfect for weddings
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