The Story of Hammie

Owner, Jeanette Schenk, is a photographer. She owns Shortcake Photo, a portrait business in Portland, Oregon. She had been brainstorming and bouncing ideas around for quite some time on how to set her business apart from every other photographer and photo booth in the Pacific Northwest... 

One day, after going to happy hour*with her best friends, it hit her (Not the drink, the idea!). She saw a trailer in the parking lot and said, "That's IT! I need a vintage trailer photo booth!"


Jeanette immediately researched the idea and couldn't find anyone else in the PNW doing this! So, ten days later, she bought this 1964 Cardinal Trailer and named it "Hammie." Why "Hammie?" You know... they call this a "canned ham" shaped trailer... and you'll "ham it up" inside the photo booth!

Hammie is a native Oregonian and lived in Southern Oregon for over 50 years. When not in use, it rested comfortably in a big barn. This adorable trailer has been on numerous family camping trips, and adventures! Just imagine the places Hammie has been! Crater Late, Fort Stevens, Shasta...


This adorable camper was well loved by it's original owners, kids and grandkids for many, many years. Now, not only is this trailer a photo booth, Hammie is still a fully functioning camper and will continue to have lots and lots of travels and memories!

*If you want to know where Jeanette received her inspirational drinks, it was at Cascade Street Distillery in Sisters, OR. Katie mixes the best cocktails! (Obviously!)

Selecting the Colors & Theme

Selecting the colors and theme were easy. Since Jeanette and her hubby (and two girls) were born and raised in Portland, it only made sense to go with a PNW theme! Custom raindrop patterned curtains were made, and flag banners were created out of complimentary colored fabric depicting wine, beer, rose, bicycle, cloud, and deer patterns. And, LET'S NOT FORGET THAT ICONIC PDX CARPET!!! That's a huge hit for anyone from the Portland area. As for the "Tiffany Blue" color added to the exterior, that matches the still original paint on Hammie's working cooktop stove!

What the Experts Have to Say


Eric Hopper - West Coast Events


“I've seen a lot of great photo booths, but nothing, anything, like Hammie! Very cool!!!”

Wendi Nordeck - photographer

“Hammie is the coolest, hippest photo booth ever! No really, you have to have this at your next party. We had so much fun and so did our guests! I LOVE the photos and can't wait to rent it again. It would be perfect for a wedding, graduation party, really any party is more fun with Hammie.”


Bri Davey - artist, maker, entrepeneur

“I was amazed when I saw how much incredible detail went in to making Hammie come alive.”